Welcome to the official web-site of the National Modena Club of Great Britain

The principal objective of which is the promotion and development of the
Modena pigeon and the interests of Modena fanciers.
The Club was founded in 1910 as the ‘Modena Club’ and held its first Championship Show soon afterwards the first recorded winner being W.F. Holmes.
Later following the absorption of the Northern and Scottish Modena Clubs the name was changed to the present style reflecting as it does the wider representation.

The most important initial task of the founders of the Club was to
establish a Standard of Excellence for the Modena Pigeon because this
enabled the enthusiastic members to concentrate their breeding
programmes on ideal specimens of the Breed and thus eliminate the
imperfections. The Club was greatly assisted in this regard by having
among its members some of the most outstanding breeders of pigeons at
the time such as W.F. Holmes and W. Watmough both of whom contributed publications on pigeon keeping which remain keenly sought after to this day.
The result was the production of high quality stock
illustrating what became known as the ‘bird of curves’ which was much
in demand among the fancy pigeon fraternity.

Although the Modena pigeon originated in Italy and was common in the town of Modena from which it took its name and was exported from there
to Germany England France and later to America and beyond it is the so
called ‘English Modena’ conforming to the Standard of Excellence of
this Club which has been adopted by fanciers worldwide.

The National Modena Club became the ‘Premier’ fancy pigeon club in
Great Britain because it’s members have always been prepared to
release good stock to newcomers to the breed and assist them by
offering advice on colour breeding. The development of the Modena
guided by the Club gathered pace so that in time it became the most
popular of all exhibition pigeons and has remained so. This is because
it has the greatest variety of colours and markings which now number
seventy-five officially approved. There are now two separate types of
Modena – the Gazzi, or pied, and the Schietti, or self coloured.
The National Modena Club of Great Britain continues to promote and
enhance the quality of the Breed

By holding annual shows for all classes of Modena both adult and young
and supporting classes for modenas at most of the pigeon shows
throughout the United Kingdom. The Club also maintains contacts with
other Modena clubs worldwide so that the members can be kept abreast
of developments and benefit from shared experience and there are
particularly close links with European breeders of the English Modena.

The Club through the Management Committee and the various office
holders continues to represent the interests of the Modena in the
vigorous application of the rules ensures that the integrity of the
Modena Pigeon is maintained.

RogerGuillemotMarch2015.(2) web

Roger Guillemot of France has been awarded the first ever 'Order of Merit 'by the National Modena Club in recognition of promoting the English Modena for over 50 years


John Walker is awarded the Title of "NPA Master Breeder" for 2015

photo courtesy D Thornton

At the 2015 AGM the following awards were made:

The New Modena Club "Master Breeder Certificate"
Peter Graham
Roger Guillemot
David Iddon
Clay Rogers
David Turner
John Walker

The following were awarded the "Order of Merit"
David Barraclough
Graham Lowe

IMG_20160731_113931_burst_01 web

31st July 2016 Best Modena Turriff Agricultural Show

Bronze Schietti Adult Hen
G Christer
photo courtesy G Christer

IMG_20160731_114236 web

31st July 2016 Best Young Modena Turriff Agricultural Show

Best Young
Modena Magnani Cock
G Christer
photo courtesy G Christer

IMG_0042 Best Young Gazzi Reading 2016

Reading Gold Cup Show 2016

Best Young Gazzi Blue Hen
David Iddon
photo courtesy J Ross

WP_20160124_12_14_16_Pro Best Mod Reading Web

Reading Gold Cup Show 2016

Best Modena Mealy Grizzle Schietti Cock
Martin Coyle
photo courtesy J Ross

WP_20160124_12_02_26_Pro Best Gazzi Reading 2016

Reading Gold Cup Show 2016

Best Gazzi Black Adult Cock
Martin Coyle
photo courtesy J Ross

WP_20160124_14_39_45_Pro Milky Silver Dun argent  Ralph  Sargeant web

Rare colour bred and exhibited by Ralph Sargeant at Reading Gold Cup show January 2016 Milky Silver Dun Argent Schietti
photo courtesy J Ross