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2019 Club   Show News

First of all a big “Thank You” to Martin Smith for finding us a new venue at Newark.

Following a relatively successful show at Nottingham in 2018, the committee has had time to reflect on how we might improve the event.

While it is agreed that the venue at Cotsgrave Miners Welfare met a number of our requirements there were a few logistical issues surrounding the arrangements.

1) The pens can only be erected on the day of the show and not the day before. The pens also need to be taken down by 15h30 so that the cleaners can prepare for an event in the evening.

It needs to be pointed out that Cotsgrave Miners Welfare were approached and asked whether they might be flexible in this regard, but we were told that unfortunately the arrangement was set in stone.

2) In addition to this Graham Lowe, Debbie Maltby and Andy Lowe had to put up and take down the pens. They found this really hard. Their efforts were greatly appreciated, but it is not fair for them to have do it again, even with a bit of help.


3) As a result of these issues the whole day was a bit rushed and there was insufficient time to run the raffle, hold the auction of donation birds and present the trophies. To be fair, this part of the show was a bit of a shambles - with the pens being taken down, birds being boxed and the auction being held (all at the same time). Also the record keeping (with regards to who won what in the classes) was not completed. There was not enough time to chat or take in the day, with the AGM fitted in at lunch time. So, as a whole very rushed and not as enjoyable as it could have been.


In light of the above, the committee decided that a change of venue was required. Also the penning company that we used in the past has been reinstated for this year. Following the decision of the committee I contacted the members that were at the AGM (most of them on the weekend of the 30th of March and the rest in the days following). I did not contact committee members as they had already made their views known. The majority were in agreement that we move to Newark.On the 4th of April I signed the contract and paid by cheque.

The new venue for 2019 is – Newark Show Grounds. The benefits of this new arrangement are

1) A spacious, heated, light and airy hall, along with catering and all the other benefits of the Cotsgrave venue along with plenty of space to grow the event in the future.

2) We will be allowed put up the pens on the Friday

3) We can use the hall for as long as we want on the day of the show

4) A penning contractor will be used to erect and remove pens, as a result none of our members will need to be involved.


As a result of these changes we should all have more than enough time to enjoy the day and take part in the items on the planned agenda for the day.

A big thank you to Graham Lowe for finding the Cotsgrave venue and also to Andy Lowe for helping us with the pens.


The difference in cost between the two venues is approximately £300. We should just about break even if we receive the same entries as last year.

You will, of course receive your Club Show schedules will all of the relevant details.


We look forward to seeing you and enjoying your support!




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