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By Graham Giddings



This year marks the Centenary of the founding of the National Modena Club by the late W.F. Holmes in 1910.  Holmes himself was one of those fanciers who were attracted to the Modena and were responsible for establishing the breed in the United Kingdom.  Although he kept Modenas for over fifty years before disposing of his stud mostly to the United States where his birds played an important role in establishing the Modena there it is interesting to speculate whether he ever expected the Club he founded to last a century and hold its position at the forefront of fancy pigeon clubs to this day.


There have been many great pigeon men in the Modena field over the years. Apart from Holmes the names listed on the roll read like a Hall of Fame: Blackwell, Spivey, McCreath, Shackleton, Helliwell, Sharpe Magee, Watmough, Morton, Tom Millar, Ken Millar and John Sears to name but a few.  All have made their mark on the breed and the development and progress of what we see today where the Modena is still perhaps one of the most numerous exhibits seen in the show pens.


The National Modena Club have decided that it would be appropriate to mark the centenary in a very special way not only out of respect for the men referred to above but also to celebrate the way in which this particular branch of the fancy pigeon world has given and continues to give much enjoyment and fulfillment to many both young and old.


I am privileged to have been assigned as NMC Show Secretary with the task of overseeing the Centenary year events.   These will include two special issues of the Bulletin which we believe will be a valuable addition to the bookshelves of many fanciers and souvenirs of the event.  The annual show which will be a one day show /two day event will be held at the usual venue in Newark on the 30th 31st October 2010, there will be a headquarters hotel.  Invitations are to be extended to Modena Clubs overseas and prominent overseas judges will be invited to participate and we will welcome fanciers mainly from Europe so that the quality of the exhibits will be enhanced considerably.  As to the Centenary Show itself there will be special plaques, medals and awards for exhibitors.

Other ideas are at present in the embryo stage but all members will receive full details in due course.    In particular we hope to invite sponsorship for the event because the more financial support we can encourage the greater can be the effort to do justice to those who in the past put in the time and effort to bring the Modena to where it is today.

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Centenary Bulletin due end of February 2010

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