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Judges for 2014/15 Championship Shows

The NMC has a panel of experienced judges available to judge at
Modena Shows and Classes all of whom ensure that the Standard of Excellence is applied and this ensures that the quality of exhibits is
of the highest order. The judges are also on hand to explain to
fanciers or novices the finer points to note and to encourage
participation not only in breeding modenas but exhibiting them.

Judges for Modena classes at Championship shows around the Country 2014/15

Show Date Judge Gazzi Judge Schietti
East of England Show 12th October Graham Giddings Graham Giddings
---------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------- -------------------------
South Coast 19th October Colin Ronald Colin Ronald
Egremont 25th October Tom Elton Tom Elton
Modena Club 25th October Scrol to bottom of page
Airdrie Coatbridge 1st November Mr White Mr White
Nat Young Bird 1st November Mike Rowlands Mike Rowlands
Barnsley November
London & Essex 15th November Bill Rogers Bill Rogers
Lancashire 15th November Colin Ronald Colin Ronald
Newcastle 29th November Phill Cox Phil Cox
Suffex 22nd November Tom Elton Tom Elton
British Pigeon 6th 7 th December Peter Graham Peter Graham
East Of Scotland December
Nottingham 28th December Debbie Maltby Debbie Maltby
Swansea 3rd January Robin Pratt David Iddon
Reading 11th January Clay Rogers Clay Rogers
Blackpool January Gary Marsden Gary Marsden

Modena club Show Judges 2014

Gazzi John Ross
Gazzi Peter Graham
Gazzi John Lennox
Schietti Gary Marsden
Schietti Colin Ronald
Schietti Nick Dawyd
Schietti D Richardson
Schietti Liam Thornton
Schietti Jamie Vaughan
Schietti Phil Cox