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The National Modena Club


Great  Britain

The Principal objective is  the promotion and  development of the Modena pigeon and the interests of  Modena  Fanciers

The  club was founded in 1910 as  the 'Modena Club' and held its  first championship Show  soon afterwards the first recorded winner being W F Holmes

Later following the absorption of the Northern Club and Scottish Clubs the name was changed to the present style reflecting as it does the wider representation.

The most important initial task of  the founders of  the Club was to establish a  Standard of  Excellence for  the Modena Pigeon because this enabled the enthusiastic members to  concentrate their breeding programmes on ideal specimens of  the Breed and thus eliminate the imperfections. The  Club was greatly assisted in this regard by having among some of  the most outstanding breeders of pigeons at the time such as W. F. Holmes and W. Watmough both of whom contributed publications on pigeon keeping which remain keenly sought after to this day.

The result was the production of high quality stock illustrating what became known as the 'bird of curves' which was much in demand among the fancy fraternity.

Although the Modena pigeon originated in Italy and was common in the Town of Modena from which it took its name and was exported from there to America and beyond it is so called 'English Modena' conforming to  the standard of  Excellence of  the Club which has been  adopted by fanciers worldwide.

The National  Modena Club became the Premier fancy pigeon  club in Great  Britain because its members have always been prepared to  release good stock to newcomers to the breed and assist them by offering advice on colour breeding. The development of the Modena guided by the Club gathered pace so  that in time it became the most popular of all  exhibition pigeons and has remained so .This is because it has the greatest variety of colours and markings which now number seventy five officially approved. There are now two  separate types of Modena the Gazzi or pied and the Schietti or self coloured .The National  Modena Club of Great Britain continues to promote and enhance the Quality of  the breed.

By holding annual shows for all classes of Modena both adult and young and supporting classes for Modenas at most of the pigeon shows throughout the United  Kingdom. The Club also maintain contacts with other Modena clubs worldwide so  that   the members can be kept abreast of developments and benefit from shared experience and there are particularly close links with European  breeders of the English  Modena.

The Club through the Management Committee and the various office holders continues to  represent the interests of  the Modena and the vigorous application of the rules ensures that the Modena Pigeon is maintained.

To join the Modena Club  costs  £10 a year and includes a yearly full colour  Bulletin  and newsletters  throughout  the year .

 Plus  the club puts  on a stand alone breed show  which attracts Modenas from Members around  the country catering for colours not often  seen  at one show  competing against  their own  colours to  encourage  the lesser colours to be shown.  


Modenas can  also  be seen  at  Shows  such as  Barnsley , Reading, Swansea, Coatbridge  (Glasgow) Egremont, Lancashire, Newcastle (Darlington).

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