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The National Modena Club


Great  Britain

The purpose of this section is to report/highlight the successes of National Modena Club Members of GB as achieved at various shows around the country where classes for Modenas are held. This information is not provided by the organisations who run the shows but by our members themselves. It is therefore not possible to provide in detail or complete results but does allow us to recognise the achievements of members of the NMC of GB. With a club radius as far reaching as ours, it will always be the case that the number of our members competing at any one of these shows will be small, however, their success and achievements are testament to the calibre of our members and the birds that they exhibit.
The Best Young Gazzi Cock (Bronze Tri) exhibited by Graham Christer at 
Egremont Fancy Pigeon Society Championship Show on 22nd October 2022. Unfortunately we don't have a picture of the cock taken at the show but many thanks to Graham for his info received.
Egremont Fancy Pigeon Society Championship Show
on 22nd October 2022

National Modena Club of Great Britain 

29th October 2022

Airdrie & Coatbridge Fancy Pigeon Club 

5th November 2022

It was good to see that a number of our members i.e. Davy Muir. Rachel Mansfield, George Watts, Graham Christner, Malcolm Moy, Michael, Liam, and Willow Thornton were there to compete and support the show. Of the total  559 birds entered, it was good to see that 64 of these were Modenas with the colours varying from Self to Argent – and everything in between! The split being 18 Gazzi and 46 Schietti.
The judge for the day was Mark Rudd who enthusiastically spent time looking at each bird within the section. Mark commented on the high standard of birds that had been entered before awarding Best Young Modena to Muir & Mansfield with a Black Gazzi Hen, Best Schietti to Malcolm Moy with a Black Self and finally Best Modena again to Malcolm Moy with a Black Gazzi Cock (pictured below). This Modena later went on to represent Best in Form Section on ‘Victory Row. NMC member Graham Christer took the NPA certificate for AOC with his Spangled Black Gazzi Cock Below).
Within the Juvenile Section, judged by Charles Muir. Young Fancier, Willow Thornton, was awarded Best in Section with
an excellent example of an Argent Modena (also pictured below). What was even more
encouraging to see for the hobby, was the huge smile on young Willow’s face when she spotted
her bird (and rosette) in the Best in Section pen! Definitely one to watch out for in the future!
A huge congratulations to both Malcolm and Willow for their
achievements at the show. It was great to see two good
Modenas up on Victory Row!
Left, Malcolm Moy receiving his award for Best
in Section & Willow Thornton receiving her
 Best Juvenile Award

Lancashire Show Pigeon Society

13th November 2022

Nieve Benson one of the impressive Junior members of the NMC won Best Juvenile at The Lancashire Championship Show, well done, Nieve! This is no mean achievement, as she won her juvenile classes against mixed breeds and beat the flying classes too. This was her final attempt as a Junior as she is now out of junior category . Nieve is seen below with her Rosettes and Shield.
As has become expected from Nieve, her winner looks like a very nice Modena (photo below),

Newcastle Columbarian Society

26th November 2022

With all the birds penned there was a good entry of Modenas in both Gazzi and Schietti, with some very smart birds on display. amongst NMC members competing were Linda Marchant, Graham
Christer, Davy Muir and daughter Rachel Mansfield and the Thornton family. As judging drew to completion, it emerged that Davy and Rachel had won Best Gazzi and Best Young
Modena with their Black and that Willow Thornton had won Best Schietti with her Red Chequer Hen. As you may expect, young Willow was delighted when checking the pens, she saw the rosette for Best Modena there too. Once again Graham Christer Triumphed with his Spangled Black Gazzi Cock that prevailed at Airdrie & Coatbridge, winning another NPA award.
Rachel Muir with Willow Thornton both delighted with their wins

BPSS & NPA National (Barnsley)

3rd & 4th December 2022

Perhaps a somewhat and surprising turnout for this great 2 day show, with only 6 competitors for the Modena classes with a total entry of 46 birds. Liam Thornton was the judge in charge and did a thorough job throughout the classes.
Needless to say that it was a fruitful day for those members of the NMC who were competing. 

Best Modena Best Adult Gazzi; Best Gazzi; Best Modena a 2020 Blue and Best Young Modena Best Young Schietti 2022 Blue all went to David Iddon: 

 Best Adult Schietti Sulphur Tri and Best Schietti - John Ross

Best Young Gazzi Bronze Tri - Linda Marchant

David Iddon receiving his award
David's winner Best Modena 
A happy John Ross with his Best Schietti
John's bird from  a little closer up
David Iddon with Judge Liam Thornton
Linda Marchant with one of her winners
Linda with Best Young Gazzi trophy
David Iddon's young Blue Schietti Best young Modena 
Fabulous ornamental Modenas

Swansea Variety Pigeon Club

7th January 2023

Thanks to David Iddon, who supplied me with this photo of his fabulous Silver Dun Gazzi Hen, winner of Best Gazzi;  Best Modena;  Best in Form Section;  and Reserve Best in Show.

David tells me she was reared in 2020 and he calls her 'Covid Queen'! Also courtesy of John Ross I received pictures of David's young Blue Schietti which won Best Young Modena, along with photos of Jamie Vaughan's NPA Cert. winners.

I saw David's birds at Barnsley where they looked in super condition so this hen's win is no surprise.

"Covid Queen"
Best Young Modena
NPA Cert. winner Jamie Vaughan
NPA Cert. winner Jamie Vaughan

Reading Fancy Pigeon Club

15th January 2023

Many thanks to John Ross for the information and pictures from the Reading Show.
The following wins were recorded by NMC members.

Best Modena: - Red Chequer Young Schietti Jamie  Vaughan.

Best Adult Modena: -  Silver Dun Hen

Jamie  Vaughan.

Best Gazzi: - Silver Dun Young Hen David iddon

Best Adult Gazzi: - Blue Gazzi David Iddon.

Best Modena
Best Adult Modena
Best Gazzi
Best Adult Gazzi
Jamie Vaughan receiving his trophy capped with a winning smile!
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