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The National Modena Club


Great  Britain

Rules of: The National Modena Club of Great Britain


1. That this club be called “The National Modena Club of Great Britain”. The principal objective and scheme of which is the promotion and development of the Modena pigeon and the interests of Modena fanciers.


2. That the government of the Club be vested in a President, a Secretary, Treasurer, and a committee of eight members, to be elected annually. The term of office of the President will be for a two-year period.


3. That the President, Secretary and Treasurer, be ex officio members of the Committee with full voting rights, and that five members of the Committee form a quorum. 


4. That an Annual General Meeting of the Club be held at the Club Show to elect the Officers, the Committee and one Auditor for the ensuing year, and to discuss matters connected with the scheme and objectives of the Club. A nomination paper should be produced and ALL members wishing to serve on the Committee as well as those seeking re-election should submit to the ballot. Nominations to serve on the committee to be submitted to the Secretary 21 days prior to the AGM.


5. That a list of the Officers and members of the Club together with the Treasurers income & expenditure balance sheet and Committee reports, be presented at the Annual General Meeting.


6. That the Clubs financial year starts on the 1st of April and terminates on the 31st of March.


7. That no alterations or additions to the Rules can be made except at the Annual General Meeting. Furthermore, no alteration to the “English Modena Standard” can be made except at the Annual General Meeting.


8. That the circulars convening a Committee Meeting shall be sent to members at least ten days before the date thereof. Such circulars in the case of the Annual General Meeting to contain notice of any proposed alterations or additions to the Rules or Standard, of which one month’s previous notice must have been given in writing to the Secretary.


9. The Committee have full power as to the conduct of the business of the Club, also for voting the monies necessary to maintain the principal objective and scheme of the club.


10. All shows promoted or supported by this Club shall be held under Rules approved by the National Pigeon Association.


11. That the Committee of the Club meet previous to every Annual General Meeting thereof, and at such times and places as they may consider desirable. (This may be by email or conference call.)


12. That the Committee may refer any business to a General Meeting of the members, to be called when, in their opinion, necessary. A Special General Meeting may also be convened by the Secretary if at least two-thirds of its current members sign a motion calling for one.


13. That the election/acceptance of members be in the hands of the committee, who shall also have the power to elect Honorary Members. 


14. No person shall be eligible for election to membership of this Club who is under suspension from exhibiting or judging by the National Pigeon Association. Any member of this Club suspended from exhibiting, judging, etc., by the National Pigeon Association shall forfeit his or her membership, and shall not be eligible for re-election during the period of such suspension.


15. That each member be required to pay an Annual Subscription as set annually at the AGM. Subscriptions are payable from the 1st of April. After receiving due notice from the Treasurer, a member shall be deemed to have forfeited his membership of the Club, whose subscription for the current financial year remains unpaid at the 1st of June. Any member desirous of retiring from the Club should give notice in writing to the Secretary prior to 1st April in any year, otherwise their name will be printed amongst the list of members for the following year and their subscription for that year become payable. New member’s fees are payable on election, and subsequently on the 1st April for the current financial year, under 17 years of age are classed as juniors.


16. That any member who shall have been proved to the satisfaction of the Committee to have acted in anyway dishonourable shall be expelled from the Club or suspended from the privileges thereof for such a period as shall be decided upon by the Committee.  The Secretary is to inform the membership of actions taken.


17. That any member who has been expelled or suspended being dissatisfied with the decision of the Committee may appeal against such decision at the next Annual General Meeting of the Club. The dissatisfied member is to inform the Secretary prior to the meeting of their intent to do so one month prior to the AGM meeting.


18. The retiring members forfeit all privileges of the Club and all interest in its funds and effects.


19. That careful records of the Club’s transactions be kept by the Secretary.


20. Only Judges who are on the club list, approved by the committee, are to officiate at the club shows. Judges at shows supported by the Club shall be ideally appointed from the Club list or from the NPA list of Modena Judges.


21. That the Club can only be dissolved at a Special General Meeting duly convened by the Secretary of at least two-thirds of its current members.


22. Dissolution.


That the National Modena Club shall not be dissolved except by the consent of two-thirds of its members, obtained at once and confirmed at a special General Meeting convened for that purpose.

a)         That in the event of dissolution the property of the Club shall be disposed of to the best advantage and the proceeds (after payment of all debts owing by the Club), together with any surplus funds, shall be disposed of as deemed advisable by the majority of members.

b)         Every effort is to be made to return presentation trophies to those who presented them or their Next of Kin.




The criteria for the award of

The Modena Club Judging Certificate

As amended at the 2018 AGM

If a member had been breeding Modenas successfully for a good number of years and it is believed that they had the ability to judge, then they should be nominated to be appointed to the judging list. The committee if they agree, the nomination should be forwarded to the next AGM for ratification.



The criteria for the

Office of President

                                                           Amended at the 2018 Annual General Meeting

The President can be male or female.

The President must keep or have kept Modenas.

The President must be of enough standing and reputation to represent the Club on all official occasions within the   

Club and with outside bodies or organisations.

The President must be available to preside over the Annual General Meeting or any special meetings of the Club and  

committee meetings during his term of office.

The President shall hold office for a two-year term from the date of his confirmation at an Annual General Meeting.  

They could be re-elected after two years.

Rules of The National Modena Club
of Great Britain
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