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The National Modena Club


Great  Britain


The National Modena Club of Great Britain Club Show 30th Oct. 2021

The Club Show held on the 30th October 2021 was also the date of the club's A.G.M. and what a great day it turned out to be for newly elected President

Gary Marsden.

In addition to accepting his new role as President of this prestigious club, Gary also was the winner of Best in Show, Supreme Modena with his Adult Bronze Tri Gazzi Cock.

A proud day for Gary Marsden with BIS and  newly elected President

It was good see hard working Secretary Martin Coyle taking one of the top honours, Best Schietti, with his Black Adult cock. Having missed our show in 2020 due to covid 19, it was a great day for all members in attendance, all made possible by the hard work put in by the secretary and members of the committee.

Secretary Martin Coyle with his Best Schietti winner

As you can see above the raffle prizes alone made the day out worth the trip! The whole day was without doubt a huge compliment to Show Secretary Debbie Maltby and her partner Graham Lowe. Peter Davis was on hand to auction the donation birds which was both a credit to the members who donated and a significant bonus for the club. One valued member who unfortunately could not be there on the day was Dennis Thornton, the editor of both the club's Newsletters and Bulletins. Dennis does a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes and the club is all the richer for his contributions.


Roy Nicholson receiving his award as Club Master Breeder from President Gary Marsden. 

Martin Coyle receiving his award as Club Master Breeder from President Gary Marsden
Raffle Prizes
Hard working show secretary Debbie Maltby
Auctioneer Peter Davis
with Gary
The National Modena Club of Great Britain Club Show Winners Gallery 2021
NPA winner
D. Thornton
NPA winner
V & P Cox
Black Mottle Gazzi
NPA winner
M. Coyle
Silver Dun Gazzi
NPA winner
J. Vaughan
Blue Schietti:
Best Young Bird
Muir & Mansfield
Russet Tri Schietti
NPA winner
J. Vaughan
Bronze Grizzle Schietti
NPA winner
L. Marchant
Yellow Chequer
NPA winner
J. Vaughan
Yellow Self
NPA winner
L. Marchant
Blue Gazzi
NPA winner
M. Coyle
Black Gazzi
Young Bird
M. Coyle
Red Chequer Gazzi YB
NPA winner
J. Ross
Dilute Indigo Schietti
NPA winner
R. Nicholson
NPA winner
V & P Cox
Russet Tri Gazzi
NPA winner
L. Marchant
Linda Marchant winner of Best YB and Best Opposite Sex Gazzi
Muir & Mansfield winners of Best Young Schietti
Nieve Benson winner of The "Thornton Lamp" in memory of Margaret Thornton
Tony Mountcastle winner of the Canham Novice trophy
John Walker winner of the nominated bird class
Pratt Bros. winners of Best Argent
Jamie Vaughan winner of Best Opposite Sex Schietti

A complete list of Trophy Winners from The national Modena Club of Great Britain show, as taken from the November Newsletter produced as always by the very industrious Dennis Thornton. as you can see, when Dennis does a job it is done with pride and is a credit to him.

Taken from November Newsletter:

Below, President Gary Marsden presenting Martin Coyle with his ‘Club Master Breeder Certificate. The Committee had only awarded Martin this a week earlier.
Martin has a very impressive record of wins which included 182 NPA wins, that does not include the 10 he has won today. Oh, and he has also won 3 ‘Supreme
Modena Awards’. I note from the AGM minutes that the members at that meeting voted unanimously to nominate him for an

‘NPA Master Breeder award’.
This will be at end of the Season when no doubt he will have won more.

Taken from November Newsletter:

The photo left shows the President Gary Marsden presenting Roy Nicholson with his ‘Club Master Breeder Certificate’. The Committee had awarded Roy this last year, but thisis the first opportunity there has been to award it. Roy like Martin has a very impressive record of wins which included 99 NPA wins. Oh, and he has also won That Prestigious ‘Supreme Modena Award’.
Roy was put forward for an NPA Master Breeder Award in 2020 year however we still await a reply from the NPA. DT

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