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The National Modena Club


Great  Britain

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2009/10 Championship Show & Society Season Results

Bronze Tri Gazzi Supreme Modena 2009 Modena Club Show

Photo courtesy C Rogers

28th December 2010 Nottingham

Best Modena Blue Gazzi

D Iddon

Best Schietti Yellow Chequer Adult Cock

Colin Ronald

Judge Clay Rogers


4th December 2010 Pickering

Best Modena Blue Gazzi

John Sharpe

Best Schietti Russet Tri 2010

Colin Ronald

Best Young Modena Gazzi

David  Barraclough

Judge Kevin Keeler


27th November 2010 Newcastle Show

Best Modena Silver Dun Young Gazzi

Peter Graham

Best Schietti Mealy Grizzle Young Cock

Phil Cox

Judge  Les Dillison


20 th November 2010 London & Essex

Best Modena Mealy Schietti Adult  Hen

Best Gazzi Bronze Adult Cock

Best Young Modena Mealy Cock

Tom Elton

Judge Tom Crane


20th November Lancashire Show

Best Modena Russet Gazzi Adult Hen

Best Schietti Russet Adult Cock

Peter Graham

Judge M Rudd


13th November 2010 Suffex Show

Best Modena Mealy Schietti  AdultHen

Tom Elton

Judge Clay Rogers


6 th November 2010 Nottingham National Young Bird  Show

Best  Modena Silver Dun Gazzi

Reserve Best In Show

Peter Graham

Best Schietti  Bronze Tri

Ray Richardson

Modena Judge Ashley Wiggins


30th October Centenary Show Supreme Modena

Mealy Schietti Hen

Tom Elton


Best Gazzi


David Iddon


Best Young Modena

Bronze Grizzle Gazzi

Roger Guillemot   from France


24th October 2010

South Coast  Championship Show

Best Schietti

Best Gazzi and Best in Show

Jamie Vaughan  South Wales

Modena Judge R Pratt

B.I.S. Judge A G Glew


10 th October 2010

East of England Championship Show

Best Modena Russet Gazzi D Iddon

Best Schietti   T Elton

Judge T Crane  


24th January 2010 Reading

Best Modena Lowe & Maltby  Adult Bronze Gazzi Cock

Best Schietti James Wiggins Mealy Adult cock

Judge J Vaughan



16th January 2010 Blackpool

Best Modena Tom Elton Mealy Schietti

Best Gazzi Jamie Vaughan  Mealy Gazzi



28th December 2009  Nottingham Championship Show

Best Modena David Iddon 2009 Blue Gazzi  Young

Best Schietti Peter Graham Adult Russet Tri Cock




5th December 2009 BPSS Pickering

Best Modena Steve Morley 2009 Bronze Tri Schietti Young  Hen

Best Gazzi .David Iddon Blue



29th November 2009 Newcastle Columbarian Championship Show

Best Modena P Cox Mealy Schietti 2009 Cock

Best Gazzi C Gatford  Silver Dun Adult Cock

Judges Schietti J Walker Gazzi P Graham



28th November 2009 Cornwall Championship Show

Best modena  D Parnell Silver Dun Schietti Adult Cock

Best Opposite Sex  J Ross Dilute Adult Schietti Hen

Best Gazzi D Parnell Russet Tri 2009 Hen

Best Young Modena  Russet Tri Gazzi Hen

Judge J Vaughan


21st November  2009 Lancashire Championship Show

Best Modena Lowe & Maltby Bronze Gazzi Adult Cock

Best Schietti P Graham Russet Tri Adult Hen

Judges Gazzi P Cox  Schietti T Elton


7th November 2009 Suffex Championship Show

Best Modena /Best in Show Lowe & Maltby Bronze Gazzi Adult Cock

Best Schietti T Elton Mealy Adult Cock

Judge R Pratt


7th November 2009 Coatbridge Championship Show

Best Modena  Ian Mc Garr (Junior) Russet Tri Adult Cock

Best Gazzi C Gatford Silver Dun Gazzi Adult Cock

Judge A White


31st October 2009  Egremont Championship Show

Best Modena C Gatford Silver Dun Gazzi Adult Cock

Best Schietti  I McGarr ( Junior )Black Adult Cock

Judge L Dillison


25th October 2009 Modena Club Show Newark Showground

Best Modena C Rogers Bronze Tri Gazzi Cock

Best Schietti J Walker Dun Schietti Young Cock


18th October 2009 South Coast Championship Show

Best Modena J Ross  Dilute Adult Schietti  Hen

Best Gazzi P Pratt & Sons Silver Dun Adult Cock

Judge A Wiggins


4th October 2009 East of England Championship Show

Best Modena Bronze laced Schietti T Elton

Best Gazzi Blue D Iddon

Judge G Giddings


September 2009 Modena young Bird Show Newark Showground

Best Modena J Walker Dun Self Cock

Best Gazzi  D Iddon Ochre Tri  Hen

Triple Best Modena Winner  Suffex, Lancashire, Reading.

Lowe & Mattby: Bronze Gazzi Adult Cock

Photo courtesy J Ross


Best Gazzi  Cornwall 2009

Dave Parnell

Photo courtesy J Ross

Best Modena Pickering 2009

Photo courtesy  S Morley


Supreme Modena Winner 2009  

Clay Rogers

Photo courtesy Dennis Thornton


Best Modena 2009 Young Bird Show.

Best Schietti Main Club show 2009

Photo courtesy Dennis Thornton

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