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The National Modena Club


Great  Britain

BPSS Show Barnsley 4-5 Dec. 2021
Best Schietti: Mealy Grizzle
V & P Cox
Best Modena: Bronze Tri Gazzi Adult Cock
David Iddon
David Iddon
winner of Best Modena
Linda Marchant standing with her 
Best Young Bird winner
Best Young Bird: Blue Schietti Cock
Linda Marchant
Best Young Gazzi: Black
John Lennox

8th October 2023

Newark Championship Show

Newark Showground, Newark.

Congratulations to National Modena Club of GB member Mrs. Linda Marchant! When at the Newark Championship held at the Newark Showground on 8th October, her young Modena took pride of place and shone the beacon for the Modena breed.
The 2023 Ochre Tri Gazzi hen bred and exhibited by Mrs. Linda Marchant. Winner of Best Modena, Best Young Bird and the ultimate award of Best Bird in Show at The Newark Championship Show.
Summer 2023

The Reading Fancy Pigeon Club.

The Eileen and Norman Dance

Memorial Show

30th July 2023.

There was only one class for Modenas, with 14 Modenas Entered :

Judged by John Ross.

John decided to award places to top 6.

The Best Modena Ash Indigo Chequer Adult Cock Jamie Vaughan.

2nd Blue Laced Argent Adult Cock Michael Goodenough

3rd Black Schietti Adult Cock Graham Giddings

4th Sooty Pattern Gazzi Cock Jamie Vaughan

5th Cream Adult Hen Jamie Vaughan

6th Argent Bar Adult Hen

Michael Goodenough

Photos by Mrs C Vaughan

The Best Modena
Congratulations to new NMC member William Merrell on his recent wins at both
The Royal Cornwall and Stithians.
Left sees William holding his winner of "Best Fancy" at Stithian's show and right his winner of "Best Fancy" at The Royal Cornwall. His wins being with different birds. It is good to see Modenas once again in the spotlight down in Cornwall!
Judges, John Ross &
Peter Davis in action
Best Modena in Show and Best young Bird, see pictures above
Congratulations! to the above members of The National Modena Club
of Great Britain

Best  Modena: 

Bronze  Tri

Adult Gazzi 

The  Edgar  Morton Trophy

David  Iddon 

Best  Adult  Gazzi:

Bronze  Tri 

The  Guy  Renwick Centenary Trophy 

David  Iddon

Best  Young  Gazzi:


The  Ken  Millar Trophy 

John Lennox 

Best  Adult  Schietti: Mealy  Grizzle 

The Patrick  Bloomer Salver 

V & P  Cox

Best  Young  Schietti:


 The Edgar Morton Salver  

Linda  Marchant 

Trophy Winners
NPA: Silver Dun Gazzi Adult
David Iddon
NPA: Mottle
Chris Hughes
NPA: Sulphur Tri
Adult Cock
John Ross
NPA: Yellow Gazzi
John Lennox
Red Chequer
Adult Schietti
John Ross

27th November  2021 Newcastle  Columbarian 

42 Modenas were competing from which, the honours were as follows;

Best  Modena Silver  Dun Schietti  

G  Christer 

Best  Gazzi  Blue  

Graham  Christer 

Best  Young  Modena  

Blue  Schietti  Cock 

Muir &  Mansfield 

Judge  David  Knaggs 

27th  November  2021 

Best  Modena  Silver  Dun

Graham  Christer

photo  courtesy G  Christer  

44 Modenas  Entered were competing from which, the honours were as follows;

Best  Modena  and  Best in Section 

Blue  Gazzi  Adult  Hen   

Graham  Christer 

Best  Schietti  Mealy  Grizzle 

Adult  Cock 

Graham  Christer  

Judge  A  White

6th November  2021 Airdrie &  Coatbridge Championship  Show  (Glasgow  Scotland)

Best  Modena 

Airdrie  &  Coatbridge Championship Show 

Blue  Gazzi  Adult Hen   

Graham  Christer  

photo  courtesy  G Christer 

30th October  2021 The National  Modena Club of Great Britain Show  

249  Modenas  entered at the Miners  Wellfare 

Woodview, Cotgrave, Nottingham

Click on the image below for details.

Aberdeen 12th December 2021

Muir &Mansfield with a Bronze Tri cock won

 Best Gazzi

Muir & Mansfield with a Bronze won Best Young Bird

Muir & Mansfield with a blue won Best Schietti 

Saturday 2nd October  2021

Nottingham  Fanciers Society  Show 

50 Modenas  entered 

 Best  Modena 2021  Black  Gazzi  Martin  Coyle 

also good  to  have new Modena  Exhibitor Lewis Fry showing for  the first time 

East of  England  Show Championship Show   

Newark Showground  

Best  Modena  2021 

Bronze  Gazzi 


Best  Schietti  Adult  Andalusian 

Phil Cox 

Best Adult  Gazzi  Black 

Martin Coyle 

Best  Young  Schietti

Russet  Tri 

Martin Coyle 

Judge Jim Greeves

Best  Schietti : Cream Grizzle : Graham Christer 

23rd  October  2021 Egremont  Championship Show 

77 Modenas  entered were entered;

Best  Modena : Black Mottle  Gazzi 

Best  Schietti : Cream Grizzle  Graham Christer 

Judge Phil  Cox 

Show News Around The Shows & Societies

8th January 2022

Swansea Variety Pigeon Club

Penyrheol Leisure Centre, Gorseinon, Swansea, SA4 4FG

Reading 23rd January 2022
Best Modena, Best Gazzi,
Best Adult Gazzi  
Silver Dun Gazzi Hen
David Iddon
Best Schietti
Best Adult Schietti 
Cream Cock
Jamie Vaughan
Best Young Gazzi
Black Self Cock
Martin Coyle
Best Young Schietti
 Best Young Modena
Russett Tri Schietti Hen
Martin Coyle 
Click on Pics. to
enlarge the
Best Gazzi
Best Schietti
The Modena Section 2022 was judged by Mark Rudd (Gazzi) and Michael Goodenough (Schietti).
69 Modenas, 24 Gazzi & 45 Schietti entries were on show.
 The Silver Dun Gazzi Adult hen of David Iddon went to Victory Row and was awarded Best in Show from 1122 birds!
Seldom does a Modena make BIS!
Some other Modenas on show at Reading.
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